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NTUA - Athens

Passionate about architecture since her early childhood, Daphne pursued her dream carrier in Barcelona soon after her graduation. Two years of extraordinary experience in the heart of contemporary architecture led her path back to her native land as a promissing young architect in the team of K-studio.

Her drive to learn and explore new possibilities as well as her highly technical background soon guided her steps to an independent career following her heart and her unceasing passion for detail.

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AUEB - Athens

A graduate of  British College of interior design, Maria has previously pursued a number of successful careers in shipping, food industry and product design. However her highly distinctive aesthetics as well as her cosmopolitan experiences drove her towards her only true passion, interior architecture, specialising in both residential and commercial spaces.

Her style, her obsession with details and her complex knowledge in various heterogenous sectors has driven her in founding a boutique studio to cater for exclusive needs.

She holds a bachelor degree from Athens' Economics University, Maria specialised in Information systems analysis.

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IED - Milano

His dream of being and inventor led him to the Politecnico di Milano to pursue a mechanical engineering degree but soon after his first year of studies, the city of design conquered his creative heart. 


A restless young heart, with intense interest in extreme sports, Dimitris was a waterski national team athlete, an American footballer in Milan's champion team only to name a few of his active interests. 


His passion for design varies among all kinds of consumer products and he is particularly interested in construction, carpentry and welding.     

Dimitris loves techology and masters 3D models and virtual reality

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