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ELLINIKO - Coming soon

Welcome to the house lab, the intelligent integration of architecture and interior design.

Offering boutique services, we create new worlds or redesign existing homes, offices and working grounds.

We are into the science of combining the spirit of the space together with the essence of the client.

A thoughtful sensitivity to every detail is our Zeitgeist.

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THE HOUSE LAB - Creative services

A team of young architects and designers, focusing on creating the mood for discerning clients around the world, we all share the vision of offering bespoke concept-to-completion services.

Our passion for design and craftsmanship leans upon creating stunning and practical spaces, designed for exclusive needs. Whether a home or a working space, we focus from repurposing old furniture, organising spaces, creating your perfect ambience to  a concept design and a complete architectural implementation supervision and construction for small and larger scale projects. 


A dedicated design and project management team is assigned to each commission and is responsible for its success, from the first meeting to the final handover. We create solutions that strike a balance between aesthetics, functionality and quality. Each design responds to the individual needs, resulting in a product that is truly unique.

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